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Company Statement


FACT… During your lifetime, driving is probably the most dangerous activity, that you will regularly do !

Every year Thousands of people die on the roads of Nepal with many Thousands more suffering life changing injuries. This effects not only the victim but all their family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. The emotional pain is only part of it because the financial burden can keep the victims family in poverty and debt, for many years to come. 

FACT… Road deaths are now the biggest killer of Nepal’s young ! More young people die on our roads, than all illnesses and diseases added together!

The only way to change this terrible situation is through a more comprehensive training and testing procedure. Without any meaningful direction or leadership from our Government we have made it our mission to help improve this situation ourselves. The present driving test is inadequate in preparing drivers  for life on the “REAL ROADS”  How can driving around a figure of eight over a few speed humps and reversing around some cones prepare you for driving on “THE REAL ROADS”  ? 

FACT…  70% of road fatalities happen at junctions ! Yet you can pass a Nepali driving test without ever having negotiated, even a single ONE of them !

This fact is almost beyond belief but it is true!  To address this we have designed courses by qualified International Driving Instructors. We incorporate practices into our test track lessons that will help you transition from the trial practice to the “REAL ROADS” But most importantly we will then ‘post test ‘ take you onto the “REAL ROADS” to learn the proper way to approach and drive through junctions and many other hazards.  

FACT…  SDS is Nepal’s  largest most modern, innovative driving school and we invest more in driver education than any other school !

Our site is over 40 ropanis and is equipped with 14 modern dual control cars and 20 two wheeler bikes, employing over 20 Internationally  trained instructors. Our site also incorporates four approved Government Trial Tracks so you will be learning on the very same track you will perform your test on. How is that for confidence building !

FACT… when you are looking to buy a driving course remember, ‘ALL SCHOOLS ARE NOT EQUAL’

If you are surfing the net looking for the cheapest driving school deal you should first consider some very important points. When buying a PRODUCT like a fridge or TV it is a good idea to look out for the cheapest price available, but with a SERVICE like driver training, you must be sure you are comparing “like for like” ?  To help you, ask yourself these questions …

Are other schools, large enough for you to practice gear changes or learning to pull in safely to a stop position and then moving away again ?

Are other schools, teaching you ‘HOW TO PASS THE TRIAL’ or are they doing like us, teaching you ‘HOW TO DRIVE’ ?

Are other schools, using modern, proven teaching methods to enable you to learn in a ‘Active way’ instead of a ‘Rote fashion’ ?

Are other schools, offering you FREE comprehensive training literature and FREE driver training videos.?

Are other schools, conducting the actual Government Trial on their own site?

Are other schools, investing and as committed to driver education as much as we are ? On the test track and on the road ?


Our Testimonials

Our Clients talk of their experiences at S.D.S.

Suzuki Driving School taught Suntali and myself to be knowledgeable, skilful and confident drivers. All their trainers are very professional and taught us in very quick time.

DHURMUS Comedian, Actor, Social Worker

I was nervous to learn driving but my Suzuki Instructors were very patient and kind. I learnt and passed 1st time. Thank You SDS.


I learnt to ride a motorbike at SDS and have now bought a Royal Enfield Himalayan and will drive around Nepal, India, Pakistan and through the Middle East and onto my home in Germany. Thank You all at Suzuki for helping make my dream come true !

Henrik Hoffman ADVENTURER

My Instructor PARAS was excellent, and he helped me pass the trial first time. I highly recommend SDS.


i am going to live and study in Australia, so decided to have some 'ON THE ROAD LESSONS' to help me towards getting my Australian license. SDS is a first class driving school.