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Chairman's Message
Chairman's Message

Hello and a very warm welcome to the Suzuki Driving School website. Since a young age i had a passion for cars, bikes or anything that moved and it became my goal that someday i would be involved in working with something to do with wheels. After spending some years living in Europe and obtaining my U.K. Driving License i decided that on my return to Nepal i would try to realize my dream. In 2013 i found a suitable site in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur, and invested my hard earned money and efforts into establishing a driving school that Nepal could be proud of. Suzuki driving school was born in March 2014, and today it is the largest and most modern in all of Nepal ! There is not another school that can compare with our large, modern,well managed facilities, but most of all no other school continues to invest in trying to revolutionize driver education, like we do. We employ qualified driving instructors from overseas to help train our staff to International teaching standards. We make video tutorials for our website to help pupils learn the correct way to control and drive a motor vehicle. We also continually  invest in our site to maintain our already very high standards.Our story will not end there! We now have a much bigger and bolder goal.

Last year two thousand three hundred and eighty five people died on our roads and this years figures are on course to rise significantly higher. Many thousands more sustain life changing injuries or are left in a coma for the rest of their lives.This affects not only the victim, because everyone of those people are someones brother, sister, mother or father, friend or colleague. Nepal’s road casualty figures are now amongst the worst in the world. We will not rest until we have helped bring down these appalling road casualty figures to the lowest possible levels. 

How can we help make positive change to help achieve this goal ? Worldwide research shows that driver error is the major cause of all road accidents, and the majority of fatal accidents happen at junctions, yet today in Nepal you can pass your driving test without ever having been to a SINGLE junction. Does this make sense?  It is plain to see that current driver education and testing is not working. Ask any doctor at an A and E hospital what horrors they witness on a daily basis. Without any meaningful help or direction from our government we must look to initiate change for ourselves. Please take the time to look and read through our website as you will find many facts, tips and videos that will help you understand the problems and solutions to Nepali road culture.

I would like to end this, with a very big THANK YOU to all our past and present customers whose love and support has helped us become the industry leading driving school we are today. 


Mr Rajan Chettri  (Chairman)