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call us: +977-01-5193374, 9801130375, 9801130379

Motorcycle Training

In driving world, Motorcycle is taken to be most dangerous type of driving.If you try to learn jokingly and face difficulty, you may loose your confidence forever. However, If you learn different situations which are likely to come in real world driving with professionals, Two-wheelers riding becomes fun and refreshing.Only learning to steer may not be sufficient to face real world riding challenge especially in Nepal and South Asia. Therefore, We have designed complete course which helps not only to get driving license proudly but contribute to learn different real life riding situations and thus improve your solid confidence during your ride.

Our course covers;

(Safety First Priority)
If you enroll in course with us , either non-cycle rider or cycle rider, we provide you protections during you learn to mitigate the potential fall injuries.We train you to be safe rider which makes stand out from the crowd.

(Steer & Control)
The First lesson covers proper handling and steering Two wheeler and siting position.

(Emergency Stop)
Emergency stop is vital to learn before you go on real world , you may have many situations where you have to do emergency stops i.e. Crazy Pedestrians, Stray Animals, Crazy Traffickers and Nepalese road conditions. We train you to make emergency stop starting from 20 km – 60 km so that you do not have to stress while making emergency stop in real world.

It is called defensive driving as well. In real world, we encounter daily where we have to make smart turing to avoid potential hazards, Craze overtakers, wholes and pitches on roads. Zig-zag lesson develop your confidence to make smart turning and saving from Everyday riding hazards.

(Run & Pause)
Riding two wheelers in heavy traffic can be stressful if you are not well prepared this lesson.We train you to run and pause like we do in Traffic , this boost your confidence since you will have already developed muscle memory while on road.

(Safe Braking Habits)
Safe Braking is major step to cover in our lesson, if you develop your habits on safe braking which covers factors like distance, maneuver of both brakes, position of legs etc.

(License Preparation Techniques)
Last but not least, after learning if you can not pass test , it may be discouraging . However, If you are well trained mentally and physically, passing test is not big deal, we deliver you best techniques out of our experience to make over Trial.

We wish you all the best in learning safe Motorcycle riding and look forward to welcome you at our school.