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Suzuki Driving School Drive with Confidence

call us: +977-01-5193374, 9801130375, 9801130379

Driving Test

Preparing for Your Driving Test?

We train you all kind of driving Test  in order to obtain license on your own. It has become culture that we can not think of getting license on our own. We invest our energy solely thinking negative way of getting license .However, We believe you deserve to get license proudly and you can for sure. We train you smart enough to pass test proudly and get Life Certificate.Come with positive mind and energy, We take guarantee that you will pass driving test anywhere in the world with our lessons.

We focus for  safe driving  tips to improve your driving skills;

  • Steer smoothly at all times
  • Accelerate smoothly. Don’t race the engine or make it stall
  • Stop the vehicle gently. Start braking well ahead of where you must stop to avoid sudden “jerks.” Know where to stop. Be aware of crosswalks. If your view is blocked at a crosswalk, move forward carefully and look both ways before entering the intersection.
  • Be sure your vehicle is in the correct gear. Don’t grind the gears. Don’t coast to a stop.
  • Always obey the posted speed limits. If needed, reduce your speed to adjust for existing weather, road, and other traffic conditions. Remember to turn on your lights if you need to use your windshield wipers in poor weather conditions.
  • Follow at a safe distance. Use the three-second rule. Increase your following distance in bad weather or poor visibility
  • Know what the traffic signals mean and obey them at all times
  • Always use the proper lane. Turn from the correct lane into the correct lane
  • Signal for all lane changes and turns
  • Always look for potential hazards (scan). Check your mirrors frequently. Always look over the proper shoulder before making lane changes or pulling away from the curb.
    Drive defensively. Anticipate another driver’s errors.