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If you are expat living in Nepal and you have your home-land driving license, please see in FAQ for converting foreign license in Nepal . However if you have never obtained driving license and you want to learn driving and get nepalese driving , following are the essential docs you need to submit .

1. Driving School Certificate
2. Copy of residence permit in Nepal
3. Medical report with blood group
4. Letter of Recommendation from your country Embassy in Nepal or India
5. Filled, signed, stamped application ( which is in Nepali language but you can get assistance of driving school for filling it .

Yes, according to current driving rule in Nepal , you are supposed to give theory test even though you have two-wheelers license.

Currently , the age limit for Two-wheelers is 16, Light Four-wheelers 18 and Heavy Four-wheelers 21 . However, It is likely to change with 18, 21, 25 respectively , if new proposed bill is ratified in Cabinet . News until ( october 20 2016)

If you have Nepalese driving license and you have been living in abroad ,Most states in USA, Australia and Europe accepts our license. However you get 6 months probation period and The authority where you live, proceed for license verification through nepalese embassy. If you want to get it done quickly , you should send someone or yourself in Transport management office and verify it and send it back to Embassy of Nepal . Thus , you can convert your nepalese license. However you are subjected to go through some tests in some situation.

if you are tibetan nationality and have been living in Nepal for long time, if you have received nepali nationality , you can seek to have driving license as like other nepalese.If you have not received residence permit or citizenship after years of residence in Nepal, rule does not allow you to apply for license. However if you have relationship or work residence permit, you can proceed for Nepalese driving License.

Yes, if you have driving license from developed nations where validity and realiablity is not questionable, you can claim at Transport Management Office Nepal to convert it . However, you need to present the following documents.
1. Copy of Residence Permit
2. Copay of Passport
3. Original and copy of your valid license
4. Filled application Form
5. Some Passport Size Photos

Once you prepare all these documents, you should arrange to meet head ot Tranport Management office.

If you are residing long term in Nepal and would like to have Two-wheelers or Four-wheelers driving license, you require to submit following documents;
1. Copy of your passport
2. Copy of your residence permit
4. Driving School Certificate
5. No Objection letter from your embassy
6. Filled, Signed and stamped driving application

if you are foreigner living in Nepal with residence permit, you can seek to have driving license in Nepal. However, if you are here in Tourist visa, you are not qualified to apply for the Nepalese Driving License.