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Suzuki Driving School Drive with Confidence

call us: +977-01-5193374, 9801130375, 9801130379


Rajan Chhetri

First of all, a warm greeting to all our readers. I am delighted to introduce Suzuki Driving School as the first school in Nepal to deliver safe, relevant and enjoyable lessons to all our students. Research shows that the central reason for road fatalities is driver error so our focus is to teach our students to drive in a controlled, observant way while instructing the formation of good habits. This approach I believe will keep you safe on the roads for the years to come.

After living in the UK for five years and training and observing the safe driving practices taught there I decided on my return to invest my capital and driving experience into the school you see today. We are the largest and most modern school in all of Nepal.

Last year more than ten thousand people were maimed, injured or killed on our roads. This appalling figure is rising Year on Year. We are investing a lot of time and effort in looking at ways to help bring these terrible statistics down. At present the driving test teaches you basic car control but very little to equip you for life on the “real roads”. With the help of an international driver trainer we have started to incorporate practices that will help our students to pass their test but more importantly to learn skills that will serve them into the transition for “real life driving”. These skills can only be learnt with the help of trained instructors and utilising the space our centre has to offer. We owe ourselves our loved ones and all other road users a better future for life on Nepal’s roads. Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you in the future.



Rajan Chhetri